(Bahasa) Immersion Programme to Singapore



On 12th January, we were supposed to arrive at the airport at about 5:30 a.m. in the morning, because there were a lot of things to be prepared, such as distributing name tags to the students, vests ( borrowed from Kowis PENABUR choir ) to make the students easily recognised as Kowis students, and also their original passports. The students were given some thorough briefing before heading on to the boarding gate.


We went to Singapore by Tiger Air, and it took only one hour flight. Some of the students were a little bit afraid because of the tragedy that happened to Air Asia flight to Singapore last time. But as Christians, we should trust God to lead our way, especially our journey at that time.


After we arrived at Changi airport, we were picked up by the tourist guides and soon were directed to a restaurant, which named Bliss cafe for lunch. We ate an all-you-can-eat buffet which has really good food. After that, we went around with a Singapore river cruise, passing through Marina Bay Sands, Merlion Park, etc. We had our stop at the Merlion Park and took a few photos before continuing our trip. The next place was the Garden by the Bay, where we watched the Garden Rhapsody and it was really awesome.

Then, we went to our hotel, YWCA Fort Canning, and had dinner before going to our own room to take some sleep to gain energy for tomorrow.


On the second day, our trip was to Newwater Plant, where we learned about how Singaporean get their drinking water. Then, we continued our trip to Singapore Universal Studio, the best place the students waiting for. There were so many fun, interesting, and attractive attractions, such as : Roller Coaster, The Mummy, Transformer, Enchanted Airways, 4 D movie, Jurrasic Park, and etc. Each person was given 10 $ Singapore for lunch, but the cheapest meal cost more than 10 $, so we had to add some more money for one meal and drink. After having dinner in Arches restaurant, a quite famous restaurant with delicious various kinds of meal. Then we went to Bugis Junction, where we could go shopping and buy some cheapest souvenirs. Then we came back to the hotel to get some rest.


On the third day, We had to wake up earlier, because it’s time for us to visit the school. SMPK PENABUR 2 got different school from us, SMPK PENABUR 5, SMPK PENABUR 6, and SMPK PENABUR Kota Wisata. We got North Vista Secondary School, a public school in Singapore. Singaporean public schools are different from the ones we have in Indonesia. Most Singaporean prefer to send their children to public schools, because they are better than private schools. We were friendly welcomed by the headmistress, the teachers and the students there. Then the students were divided into groups accompanied by some buddies from Prefect ( members of students organization ) to go to different classes and learned different subjects depend on their buddies’ classes. The teachers were also separated from one another to join the class based on the subject they teach. We really learned a lot from this school, the teachers, the students, and the canteen which is really fantastic, because the government support makes the students can afford the price of the meal. Then we went to Science centre where we could watch film about shark life in IMAX theatre. Our last trip today was Marina Bay to watch the performance of Song of the sea, a wonderful light and water spectacular. We went back to hotel at night, got night devotion and briefing, and went to sleep.


On the fourth day, We also had to wake up earlier to go to school again. Today was our last day studying in North Vista, and we just studied until 11 a.m. then we gathered in the hall and some of PENABUR students performed singing and dancing and Angklung ensamble. After the performance, they exchanged gifts, emails, facebooks, twitters, lines, whatsapps, etc from one to another. We do hope that we can still keep in touch. Then we had lunch together in the canteen. When the time has come for us to say goodbye, we changed our uniforms into casual clothes, because our next trip was to china town to go shopping for about an hour. Some teachers prefered to go to BrasBasa, books centre to find some good books. One hour shopping was not enough, but we had to take MRT Ride to Sentosa island, to enjoy riding Gocart and skyline, had dinner in Secret of the Garden, and ended up by watching The Wings of Time which was really awesome. We were told to pack our properties at night, because we had to leave early in the morning.


On the fifth day, which was our last day visit to Singapore, we were led to Singapore Discovery centre, where we watched a 4D movie, and went around the Army school. It was a long ride but really fun. Then we had lunch in Seoul Garden , an all-you-can-eat restaurant near Orchard Road, but we had to eat in a hurry, because we wanted to go shopping. The Orchard Road was crowded, but we had to walk fast, otherwise we could not find many things, as we were only given 1 hour. Some of us succeeded in finding the things they wanted, but some of us got confused. Finally, it’s time for us to go to the airport, to go back to Indonesia. We still had time to spend some money shopping in duty fee area in the airport. Our journey ran smoothly and we were safely arrived at Bandara Soekarno hatta. God really took good care of us. Not long after we arrived, it rained cats and dogs.